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We see the business through your eyes

The name ENEXIO Service stands for quality and reliability in industrial, process- and power cooling. Our name is, at the same time, a promise to our customers and business partners – ENEXIO Service stands for YOUR COOLING TOWER – OUR COMPETENCE

ENEXIO Service employs a team of mandatory wet cooling tower specialists at three locations within Europe – thereof 60 employees in Germany with headquarter in Bochum and a subsidiary in Leipzig as also 13 employees in Italy.

Years of experience and success have made us a leading company for the design and implementation of wet cooling systems, based on our research and development with our own test capacities, we can provide references at almost all German and numerous international industrial, chemical and power plant locations.

With the help of our own assembly teams, site managers and engineers, you can achieve maximum system availability with ENEXIO Service.

The decisive factor for the operational safety, economy and service life of wet cooling systems is an object-related, professional and reliable service, which you will find at ENEXIO Service.

Overview of application fields

  • Cooling tower service for power plants

    Cooling tower service for power plants

  • Cooling equipment service for chemical processing

    Cooling equipment service for chemical and petrochemical plants

  • Cooling equipment service for Steel plants

    Cooling tower service for Steel plants

  • Cooling equipment service for Process industry

    Cooling tower service for Process industry

ENEXIO Service has successfully established itself as a leading provider in the development and manufacture of wet cooling systems in recent years.

Based on decades of experience, we offer individual service concepts for maximum operational safety, system effectiveness and availability over the entire service life of the systems.

All services are available for ENEXIO Service systems and components as well as thirdparty products.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
DIN ISO 45001:2018
KTA 1401