Air cooled condenser rebundling


Extend your power plant life time and boost MW output by increasing Condensing Capacity with ENEXIO ACC Rebundling.

ENEXIO – as the inventor of the Air-cooled Condenser – has played a leading role in the evolution of this technology. We are known for our comprehensive expertise in the field of power plant cooling technology and we offer the whole range of services for dry cooling systems.

Typical bundle deficiencies include

  • Fin separation from frozen tube damage
  • Debis trapped behind support beams
  • Air leaks at tube/header connections
  • Severe debris build up on tube fins rom sources such as
    dust, cottonwood tree seeds, pet coke and flyash
  • Obsolete thermal design of multirow condenser limits turbine output
  • Ruptured/burst tubes left behind freezing winters

The magnitude of reduced ACC performance is typically unknown and therefore customers are not aware of the potential improvement new tube bundles can provide. ENEXIO is the expert to transparently calculate the impact of ACC bundle deficiency on generation output and the revenue growth potential through rebundling.


Power plant deficiency can be deeply rooted in Air cooled Condenser performance deterioration like ageing, fouling, and scalingof the ACC tube bundles. Typically, a 1 in Hg change in steam turbine back pressure corresponds to a 3% change in STG MW output.