Service for air cooled condensers

ENEXIO Service - the low risk decision

From original replacement parts to comprehensive retrofit projects, ENEXIO Service is always the reliable partner for your dry cooling system to contact.

The replacement of the heat exchanger bundle is the central-key to any air cooled condenser-retrofit project. Through our own manufacturing facilities and a huge network of worldwide partners we can supply any type of heat exchanger bundle to any destination, worldwide!

  • Own heat exchanger bundle production

    Own heat exchanger bundle production

  • Heat exchanger bundle inspection with infrared-camera by ENEXIO Service

    Heat exchanger bundle inspection with infrared-camera by ENEXIO Service

  • Air cooled condenser fans inspection by ENEXIO Service

    Air cooled condenser fans inspection by ENEXIO Service

Our well-experienced site supervisors can support your service and maintenance staff to carry out modification work. Another possibility is the turnkey option, in which one of our project teams completes the work for you - always based on your needs. This comprehensive service allows you to achieve the same quality as for a new build. Partial facility services employ our network of agencies and strategic partners worldwide to provide the required service. Careful control and adherence to global standards ensures that you will receive the quality you would expect from the plant manufacturer at local hourly rates. With whole plant service, we ensure that there will be procedures in place that are individually tailored to the operation of the entire facility.

ENEXIO Service in action

An accident damages a power plant in Mexico - a total power failure affecting millions of people in this region. This is why ENEXIO was interested to rebuild the power plant as fast as possible. Production of the Heat Exchangers begins on the other side of the world – 13.000 KM away, in Langfang, China.

OUR SERVICES FOR air cooled condenser UPGRADES

  • Heat exchanger bundle replacement
  • Air cooled condenser cell extension
  • Modification and replacement of fan drive units
  • Solutions for mitigation of wind and noise
  • Modification of control logic
  • Supply of semi-automatic cleaning systems
  • Upgrade for winter operation and freeze protection
  • Many more tailor-made solutions


  • Supply and delivery of all components
  • Own heat exchanger bundle production
  • Inventory management
  • Evaluation and supply of alternative solutions
  • Installation of spare parts by own Service fleet
  • Consultancy by experienced specialists with own R&D and Engineering