Wet Cooling Tower Service

We provide maximum plant availability

The cooling tower competence-center by ENEXIO Service - We can deliver all kinds of service for all circumstances at your plant

The use of further-developed components with new technologies goes hand-in-hand with a higher cooling performance, lower power consumption and a low noise development. ENEXIO Service analyzes the inventory and the potential for improvement at the customer’s plant, so that an ideal and customized solution can be found. The amortization of such modernization can usually end up being quite short, especially when the modernization is combined with comprehensive

  • ENEXIO Cooling Tower Service stands for reliability

    ENEXIO Cooling Tower Service stands for reliability

Our product and service range:

  • Spare parts delivery and installation
  • Service framework agreements
  • Service and maintenance
  • Plant assessments and plant check
  • Inspections and evaluations
  • Installations and removals
  • Cleaning work
  • Complete replacement of heat exchanger bundles and fills
  • Overhaul and upgrade of fans, motors and gearboxes
  • Refurbishment, increase in efficiency and optimization of
    cooling towers of all kinds
  • Complete overhaul of the entire cooling units and systems
  • Construction of fan-assisted cooling towers
  • All work, including necessary engineering services and procurement,
    from one single source